"Deceivers" is an intriguing artwork that captivates viewers with its enigmatic composition. At its center lies an ancient sculpture of a face, intricately crafted to convey the weight of human struggle. The ancient sculpture stands as a testament to the enduring struggle of humanity against deceptive forces that have plagued us throughout history. It serves as a powerful symbol of the ceaseless battle against the corrosive whispers that undermine our self-perception and propagate falsehoods.
 Whispers from serpents entwine around each ear, while blood streams down the eyes, creating a sense of turmoil and treachery. The serpents, known for their cunning and deceit, embody the external influences that manipulate our thoughts and perpetuate self-doubt. The blood streaming down the eyes serves as a visceral representation of the emotional and psychological toll inflicted by these deceptive voices.
 Embodied within the artwork is a king chess figure, bearing the word "Deceivers" inscribed in Hebrew. Before the lips stands the presence of the king whom represents the pursuit of divine truth, reminding us that only the words of the divine, symbolized by the king, hold ultimate veracity. The king embodies the ultimate authority and wisdom that transcends the web of deceit. It serves as a reminder that amid the clamor of deceptive voices, there exists an unwavering source of truth.
"Deceivers" invites profound contemplation on the impact of external influences and our internal struggle to distinguish truth from deception. It prompts us to recognize the corrosive effects of whispered lies that erode our sense of self-worth and propagate a distorted reality. Through its evocative imagery and symbolic depth, the artwork calls us to seek divine guidance from the one true king.