The "Are We Free" artwork boldly confronts the notion of true individual freedom, provoking thought and reflection on the complexities of personal liberation. Within the design, red sheep take center stage, serving as powerful symbols of our innate tendency to conform and passively adhere to societal norms, thereby suppressing our ability to question and forge our own unique paths. The color red, chosen for its evocative symbolism of sacrifice and the compromises we make within the system, adds profound meaning to the artwork. Accompanied by the striking slogan "Use It" and an image of a brain, the artwork aims to ignite critical thinking, encouraging viewers to ponder the stark disparity between the idealized concept of personal freedom and the harsh realities of the matrix-like systems that surround us.
The "Are We Free" artwork fearlessly challenges the prevailing perception of individual freedom and prompts viewers to question the illusory nature of societal constructs. It fearlessly confronts the uncomfortable truth that despite claims of valuing and safeguarding personal liberties, many individuals find themselves constrained by oppressive systems and manipulated by societal expectations.
The artwork "Are We Free" acts as a catalyst, prompting a reassessment of our connection to personal freedom and motivating us to deconstruct the deceptive frameworks that impede our genuine liberation. Despite the professed appreciation and safeguarding of individual freedoms by numerous societies and administrations, the prevailing truth remains that countless individuals continue to encounter diverse manifestations of subjugation, bias, and limitations imposed on their personal autonomy.